About Dana

I am a cartoonist and illustrator living near Santa Barbara, California, United States. I’m married, with no children and one cat.

I drew this comic strip, “Ozy and Millie,” from 1998 to 2008. I’m better known these days for the syndicated comic strip/bestselling book series, “Phoebe and Her Unicorn.”

I also make music.

My main website is here: https://danasimpson.com/.

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  1. I love the site overhaul (I had noticed some site errors, invalid page links and such.)
    I’ve been reading your comics for a while (I own all of them in solid book form) and just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adore Ozy and Millie.

  2. a lot of your fans are wanting to see a flash video of ozy and millie, lol just putting that out there, *coughtincludingmecough*

    • Try searching youtube, theres a finished animation that needs some veiws. It’s called “Ozy and Millie the fox”

  3. Hey! First off, I love your work. That was part of the reason I loved visiting the fan forum Define Cynical. Sadly Define Cynical has given up the ghost, so I came up with some temporary forums for fans. You can find it here – http://www.cocoa.uk.com/chatterbox/ I apologise if this appears to be spam, I do assure you I make no money out of this (in fact I lose it!)

  4. Hey Dana I was going to buy a set of 10 of those 1″ tails buttons is there anywhere else I can get those?

  5. No Way! You’re a Seattleite, too! Awesome-sauce! It’s people like you that make it awesome to be here! Thanks for doing Ozy and Millie! It was a great read!

  6. i have been a long time fan of Ozy & Millie & i visit the archives once a day. however, as of Febuary 16, i notice large swaths of the archive site disappear. now, there is nothing but the background image left. what has happened with the site? is it being removed?

  7. Dear Dana,
    I hope this finds you well. I’m very fond of the ‘Ozy & Millie’ comics, but there’s a problem with the Archives – mainly the fact that you’re missing all the strips from September to December 2003.
    I’m trying to find one in particular (the one where Ozy keeps up with the regulations of a fast-food restaurant; “No Shirt, no shoes, no Service” and he goes in with all those items on, with the exception of pants) and I think it maybe amongst the missing 2003 strips.

    If you could sort something out, I’d be thankful.

    Thank you again for your time and effort.

  8. “…no children and one cat.” –Love it! That about describes my situation, though I was too geeky ever to find a mate (though at 55, I stopped caring a long time ago), and my “one cat” is two: a brother and sister Siamese that are the furry loves of my life. Mostly I’d rather be around them than any “pink and embarrassing” ones I can think of…

    • As someone who is extremely geeky and happily married, I assure you, there’s no such thing as “too geeky to find a mate.” But it’s okay to not need one, too.

  9. Say, that pic isn’t from around ’99! I do fondly recall observing your hair style changes. If the older self-portraits from ’99 depicting you with the dynamic duo of the comic are still around, I haven’t found them yet…

  10. Just wondering… where could one buy The Complete Ozy and Millie collections? Amazon doesn’t seem to have them. I’ve also been looking for an I Drew This collection with no luck.

  11. do you suppose there is some way we could set up something on patron account,say a hundred of us tail freaks at 3 bucks a head? I know thats not much money and Dana deserves better still… I could come up with that (and I am on disability so I aint rich). Us web people have made some success for artists maybe we should do another. Webmaster, can you help on that? Maybe an email to all of us who have comented positively?

    • I appreciate the sentiment, but Dana and I are doing pretty well right now thanks to her syndicated strip. I’d really rather see that money go toward another artist who needs it more!

  12. Good evening from Las Vegas, Nevada.

    I first read your Ozy and Millie webcomic with a Windows 98 machine sometime in the early-to-mid 2000’s, having heard of it from a Sonic the Hedgehog fansite. Given that O&M was my first exposure to internet-based comics in general, going onto this site was spotty at best, as I’ve only read comics in the papers and in magazines, but in the end, I’ve wound up reading the latest strips towards my closing years of high school. I never actually read the entire run yet, but as of this comment, I’m currently in the 2000-era strips, simply “binge reading,” in a manner of speaking, having started reading the strips again the day before. If I could, I would like to buy a book version of the entire O&M comic, just in case the website goes down. Bottom line here: I like Ozy and Millie, and I really hope this website stays up long after I post this.

  13. Thank you so much for ozy and millie. I love all of your work and know that your comics helped me get through a really ruff part of my life. I just finished reading t ozy and millie “cover to cover”. Keep up the good work!

  14. I miss your comic. I can understand, nonetheless, when an author runs out of ideas. As much as I miss the webcomic, you made what you thought was the right decision at the time to end it.

    I remember a song based upon your webcomic called “Millcent’s Dream”. I downloaded a copy of an MP3 version. However, I lost the file when my hard drive failed. I have been unable to download a replacement copy of the file. I, therefore, am asking if you have a copy of the song.

  15. I am still a fan of Ozy and Millie after all these years, and am glad to see you are continuing your work. I’ve been there since the before-time, reading and enjoying. Thank you for keeping calm and carrying on. I pray you and yours are well and safe in the middle of these most interesting of times.

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