Ozy and Millie — Purchasing Original Artwork

Note: This is general information about purchasing strip originals. For a list of which strips are available for purchase, see the list of strips for sale by year.

The original artwork for most Ozy and Millie strips is roughly 17 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall (43 x 16.5 cm). Sundays and some other strips are larger, and a few are smaller. If you need to know the specific size of a particular strip before ordering it, it’s best to ask ahead of time.

Sunday strips were drawn in black and white and then colored digitally, so the originals are the black-and-white line art.

The artwork is done with india ink on acid-free bristol, but they were drawn mainly for one-time use, to be scanned into digital form; some may have corrections done with materials that are not archival-quality, such as white-out, paste, or stick-on labels. Where this is the case I note it in the description.

If there's a strip you'd like to purchase, visit it in in the archives first to make sure it's still available. If so, you can email omoriginals@gull.us to request it.

Originals are US$100, shipping included.