Ozy and Millie — Purchasing Original Artwork

Note: This is general information about purchasing strip originals. For a list of which strips are available for purchase, see the list of strips for sale by year.

For a limited time, all strips are on sale for $75. Buy two strips and get limited-edition 25th anniversary USB drive loaded with high-resolution versions of all the strips!

The original artwork for most Ozy and Millie strips is roughly 17 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall (43 x 16.5 cm). Sundays and some other strips are larger, and a few are smaller. If you need to know the specific size of a particular strip before ordering it, it's best to ask ahead of time.

Sunday strips were drawn in black and white and then colored digitally, so the originals are the black-and-white line art.

The artwork is done with india ink on acid-free bristol, but they were drawn mainly for one-time use, to be scanned into digital form; some may have corrections done with materials that are not archival-quality, such as white-out, paste, or stick-on labels. Where this is the case I note it in the description.

If there's a strip you'd like to purchase, visit it in in the archives first to make sure it's still available. If so, you can email omoriginals@gull.us to request it.

Originals are US$100 US$75, shipping included.