The original artwork for most Ozy and Millie strips is roughly 17 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall (43 x 16.5 cm).  Sundays and some other strips are larger, and a few are smaller; it’s best to inquire if you need to know the actual size for some reason.  They’re India ink on acid-free bristol board; in some cases there are Sharpie fills that may have faded slightly.  There are occasionally pasted-in areas or white-out corrections; think of these as a window into the creative process.

Sample original artwork

If there’s a strip you would like to purchase the original artwork for, visit the strip in the archives first to see if the artwork is still available.  (Most strips don’t have this information just yet, but I’m steadily adding it; if you’re curious about a strip that hasn’t been updated yet, feel free to ask.)  If it’s available, email to request it.  Most strips are $100; Paypal or money orders are accepted.