Purchasing Artwork

The original artwork for most Ozy and Millie strips is roughly 17 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall (43 x 16.5 cm).  Sundays and some other strips are larger, and a few are smaller. If you need to know the specific size of a particular strip before ordering it, it’s best to ask ahead of time. 

The artwork is done with india ink on acid-free bristol, but they were drawn mainly for one-time use, to be scanned into digital form; some may have corrections done with materials that are not archival-quality, such as white-out, paste, or stick-on labels. Where this is the case I note it in the description.

Sample original artwork

If there’s a strip you would like to purchase the original artwork for, visit the strip in the archives first to see if the artwork is still available. If it’s available, email omoriginals@gull.us to request it.  Most strips are $100 (shipping included); Paypal or money orders are accepted.

  8 comments for “Purchasing Artwork

  1. I recently stumbled across a reference to a strip you created in which the punchline is “being cool is remarkably like being four”. Can you point me to where to look to read the whole comic strip for that one?

    • If the description on the strip says the original is available, I have it and know where it is. If the description doesn’t say, then either it’s been sold or I haven’t catalogued that one yet; you can email omoriginals -at- gull.us to find out which is the case.

  2. Good Evening,

    Not sure if my previous post went through. I am looking to purchase artwork, but am unsure what is available. Please help.


    • Hi, Jo. Sorry no one responded to you before now — there was a problem with the spam filtering on the site. Some strips indicate in the description if they’re available, but if the one you’re interested isn’t, you can always email omoriginals@gull.us and ask.

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