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  1. Your comic is great, even Millie the tomboy! The story is wisecracking and hilarious! My favorite characters are Millie, Ozy, and Llewellyn, and my favorite part is when Ozy was wearing a fur coat before his fur bloats up. Oompa Loompa! XD

  2. I see my own life in so many respects in “Ozy and Millie” that it’s almost scary. Especially Millie’s eternal struggle with Felicia, as it is one I have lived for many, many years. You’ve given me valueable perspective throughout the comic, and you’ve instilled hope that I’m not alone. I’m very grateful for that.

    Good luck with future projects.

    • … Almost wrote UI for my name… Anyways. I agree. Although i mainly side with ozy:s ppint of view. And my biggest probs at school were a couple bruises and words. Namecalling usually. You can see why.

  3. I am new to the strip, and enjoying it enormously already – I’m up to number 121 so far. I do have a question that was not addressed in the cast call – is Ozy a silver or grey fox, or a wolf? The tail tip makes me suspect fox, but I can’t help hoping he’s a wolf (see my name for a clue why) 😉

  4. I’m working my way through the archives on this comic, and I love it! Something about Ozy and Millie makes the comic a constant source of charm, and sometimes a source of insightful chuckles, as well. Keep up the good work, please! 🙂

  5. i see ur missing
    Isolde: Ozy’s cousin, and onetime fiance. She has a habit of popping up in odd places, at the center of conspiracies, or anywhere there’s an opportunity to cause trouble while sitting around.


    Pirate Captain Locke: The fox child captain of the S.S. Banana, which sails the seas of a sort of alternate world that exists on the other side of Llewellyn’s couch cushions. Ah, but he is even more than he seems…

  6. I’ve read your comic since I was 10 and it has greatly influenced my life. As a kid there was nothing I got into, because there was nothing mentally stimulating for me. Then I came across Ozy and Millie. Also I think it’s awesome you are “transitioned”, because I’m doing the same and your my only childhood idol who has. Thank you for teaching us all that life is amazing/

  7. I had issues from my school days, too. It’s incredible how little school officials are willing to do in order to protect and help bullied kids, isn’t it?

  8. Addendum:
    I was inspired to look back at the strip by a dream I had a couple nights ago.
    Llewellyn had given Timulty a birthday present of a wish week…he can have one wish granted for a week, providing it is something silly. Embarresed by his tiny sneezes, Timulty wished that each sneeze that week be twice as big as before. He meant than before the week, but the magic interpreted it as the sneeze before.
    Then he gets a cold…

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