14 comments for “Ozy and Millie:”Guest strip”by Walt Kelly

  1. I know it’s a guest strip, but you’d think Simpson would have gone in fixed this Kelly guy’s spelling and grammar.

  2. Havin’ lived on this here Gulf Coast for a rathuh long time Ah kin tell ya….
    Yes, some of us talk like that. I, personally, love this strip. I’ll have to look up this fellow …

  3. I remember reading “Pogo” when I was (much!) younger. …young enough that it sometimes went over my head. 😉

    (“Pogo” was an old-time newspaper comic strip by Walt Kelly. The boat was an occasional prop. When the boat showed up it was always interesting to read the names on the side.)

  4. It’s an homage to “Pogo” by Walt Kelly; Dana’s done a fairly good job of emulating Kelly’s linework and shading, and most of the characters in “Pogo” do speak with that exagerated Cajun “accent” conveyed via his, erm, “creative” phonetic spelling. (Always used to cause me fits in school when I’d binge-read some of my parents’ “Pogo” collections and then try to take a spelling test the next day.)

    • He may have appeared on Fox at some point, but Carville is a Democrat. He’s best know for his work on Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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