Ozy And Millie: A wonder of the natural world

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

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    • Nope, remove the water and it stops. Perpetual motion machines require no outside source of motion.

      • Spin a disc in space. There you go. Unless something makes it stop, it’s not going to stop, so it’ll just keep on spinning until the end of time.

          • Well, ability to power something (efficiency > 1) wasn’t part of the working definition used in this thread here. But even so, a disc in space isn’t even an efficiency == 1 machine, ’cause space isn’t empty. It can be perpetually in motion on a human time scale, but on a stellar time scale it should stop (relative to what?) pretty quickly. I haven’t crunched the order of magnitudes, so don’t quote me on the time scales, but it will stop.

            Of course, in all likelihood it will, by that time, be totally ablated by high-energy particles.

        • There are actually things in space that would cause it to stop. Random gasses, gravity, miscellaneous space junk, etc.

          Really, it’d just be rather efficient.

        • You cannot extract work from the disk without making ir stop, so it does not qualify as a “machine”. See the definition of machine in Wikipedia.

        • Well… Actually, yes and no. On the one hand, it would be a very long time before the disk is destroyed by running into something, but anyway, nature did that for us. See, thats kinda what solar systems and galaxies are. Just big spinning discs, that take a long time to stop. Anyway, the point of any perpetual motion machine is to create energy, which you’re disc (yes, even with magnets and wire) doesn’t really accomplish. Also, like the rest of the universe, it will stop spinning at heat death, or after being pulled into the black hole that will consume our galaxy. So, sleep well

          Still, it would spin for a while

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