Ozy And Millie: Attempting the impossible

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    • They don’t really. Such machines violate the laws of thermodynamics. Anyone who’s taken basic physics can tell you it’s impossible. What you see in the video isn’t the same as perpetual motion machines, they’re just basic systems, and because of friction, it’s physically impossible for them to run forever, and they especially cannot create energy like some people believe (somehow).
      They’re just machines with a high efficiency (low energy loss).

        • The wind won’t keep blowing forever, just a very long time. Also, what a perpetual motion machine is is a device that can sustain itself without any outside source of power. Such a device is sort of theoretically possible in you could design something that has 100% efficiency, but for practical purposes it cannot be done.

        • That’s energy being continuously supplied from an outside source. As soon as you have a calm day, or just a lull in an otherwise breezy afternoon, the windmill grinds to a halt.

        • Wind is an energy source, hence a windmill is powered to run, a P.M.M needs to run itself with no energy source.

  1. But did Isolde learn her lesson? Noooooo! Next thing you know, she had Bruno swooping down on Eminem at another Grammy awards.

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