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  1. Wait a Minute! Llewellyn was responsible for getting Ms. Mudd into a relationship that he should’ve known wouldn’t work out if he did know the ways of the Couch World, which means Llewellyn knowingly set up Ms. Mudd for a Tragic Outcome, which resulted in her having to take care of Millie by herself, what a Turd!

    • I think he was just trying to help Ms. Mudd have some fun. He didn’t expect it to turn serious, and when it did, he told her.

      • I thought it was more a matter of looking for someone to act as kind of a tour guide for Locke while he was outside the couch, and picking Ms Mudd.

    • Here’s my conspiracy theory. We already know that Llewellyn’s current conspiracy is Ozy’s education, including the parts that are “accidental”. We also know that Llewellyn would have introduced them about 11 years prior to this (Milly’s 10, + 9 months pregnancy, + unknown additional time for them to get to know each other). We also know that Llewellyn was feeling ready for a kid for an unknown amount of time before adopting Ozy. So, what if he introduced them to give his eventual son a friend to grow up with? Maybe far-fetched, but hey, it’s Llewellyn, and it fits his conspiracy.

    • Well… before we jump to conclusions… if YOU knew a dragon, would you not take the opportunity to lick it, just once?

      • It confused my GM when I did precisely that during a game. And everyone else in the party gave me this “what the hell is wrong with you” look…

      • I can’t really say that licking a dragon was a though that even occurred to me until just now. Unless maybe it was one of those shape shifting dragons and their human form was really hot…

  2. He has the power to control what he tastes like? Add that to the awesome powers dragons have, including photosynthesis, and the ability to take off their horns which have an effect on the wearers personality.

  3. If LLewellyn bathes in motor oil, it must be some strong bubble gum flavoured body powder. Unless she’s refering to his kisses tasting like bubble gum, then that’s just bubble gum. 🙂

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