Ozy And Millie: “Under God”

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out in panels 1 and 4.

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    • Their schools could just have different term dates to yours. Schools around here are in until the back end of July, then not return until early September (I think), but where I was at school it was more like early-mid July to mid-August. Depends a lot on when the harvest used to be, as the holidays were usually timed to let the kids help their parents with that.

  1. it might not be july in their world. after all many story arcs can take place in an hour or so. this is how calvin stays 6 years old for years

    • But this story arc was said in-universe to start on Fourth of July, because Millie and her mom were watching the fireworks when her mom asked what was wrong. Dana, I love your stuff, but very rarely, there is a plot hole big enough to fit Greater Lleweyllenlland. This is one of those holes.

  2. An alternative: perhaps the conversation with Mrs. Sorkowitz occurred a couple of months in the past, and Millie has been stewing about it for some time as of the events related in this story arc.

    • Another possibility would be one of those year-round schools. Althooouggh.. I seem to recall them having summer breaks before. Not sure how long the “breaks” lasted though.

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