15 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Who chose who?

  1. Actually, this is a time in the past – Ozy was only 1 year old at this moment in time. Literally, you would say “So there was a time when Ozy had something on his bottom half.

  2. @Averagemoe: they are paw prints, except for the one that is hooves. and that proves that the others are paws!

  3. OK, three years down the line. What should an adoption agency have in its waiting room (or wherever this is) on its wall? Photos of the adoptees? If trans-specific adoption is acceptable then it should be something to sniff!

    • And another year has passed. My hospital birth record has my footprint on it (so babies could be unambiguously identified should there be confusion), so maybe the wall hanging is to show just how useless this form of infant identification would be to other species?

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