12 comments for “Ozy and Millie: A catastrophic mess

  1. Shame that Lyndon never reappears once Ozy’s dad enters the strip. Oh well – I think Llewellyn is funnier anyway.

  2. yup -I’ll speak out against government, just as soon as I finish taking advantage of this handout. really I will!

      • Ah yes, the late 60’s hippie experiment
        (for those who haven’t heard about it; it was a short piece published in a hippie underground newspaper* which suggested that banana peels have a psychoactive substance “bananide”. Why? Because LSD was either on its way to be banned, or has been just banned, and, well, what would happen if something so widely used as bananas would turn out to have psychedelic effects? The results were quite funny, I believe
        Well, something along those lines anyway, yeah
        *as read in “Hippie Papers” by Jerry Hopkins)

        welp, here’s free trivia for ya

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