Ozy And Millie: Could care less

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    • I think somebody said “I couldn’t care less” and was misheard. Either that, or English was going down the tubes. Still is, in my opinion.

    • It can be said sarcastically, as can most phrases.

      However, given the sarcasm, you could also take it to mean, “I could care less, if I cared at all.” Sarcasm, after all, implies something which has been left unsaid – or else it wouldn’t make for functional figures of speech.

      • Not necessarily. It can also mock an idea by supporting it with obvious falshood intended to be recognized as such. for example: “Yes, I’m sure making teachers’ pay directly proportional to how well their students do on standardized tests will get them to focus more on deep understanding.”.

  1. Wait, people were doing this even way back in 2002? I thought it was a recent thing!

    I don’t usually care about other people’s grammar, but hearing them say “I could care less” when they really should have said “couldn’t” really gets on my nerves. I always poke fun at people who say it, like Ozy did to Millie in this strip.

  2. Language mutates. This is an example. My suspicion is that Wivicer was correct about somebody mishearing or else someone engaged in a malapropism and it was just taken up. It’ll be interesting to see if this mutation takes or eventually recedes

    • But isn’t that still caring about it, just in the opposite direction? Caring is a scalar quantity, like speed: whether you agree or disagree, you care more than someone who considers it irrelevant.

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