Ozy And Millie: The “Mr. W” show

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

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  1. Hey look, Dana hates conservatives. Now where have we heard this before?

    I’d love to find this mythical paper.

    • We must remember the Great Rightwing principle here folks.

      A liberal is hateful if he criticizes and/or makes a conservative in any way shape or form.

      A conservative is hateful ONLY if he screams “I HATE YOU” at the top of his lungs, through a megaphone, followed by a string of obscenities.

      And even then, he’s probably being quoted out of context by th’ eeeeeevil lib’rul media.

    • You realize, of course, that anti-Bush sentiment has become so common that it’s a bit ridiculous to expect her not to put it in a few times. And at least Dana’s done it in a very original way, compared to most others.

      We get that you seem to be a Bush supporter, but complaining every single time you find that out she did something a decade ago is merely annoying, and accomplishing nothing.

      • “You realize, of course, that anti-Bush sentiment has become so common that itโ€™s a bit ridiculous to expect her not to put it in a few times. ”

        So you’re saying that you think Dana was obliged to be a conformist? o_O

        If it’s fair game for a cartoonist to be political then it’s fair game if we mock her politics when she does it! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Maybe you’re unaware of this, but the comics that you read through in a few days were drawn and published over the course of a whole decade. Dana only made fun of Bush once every few months, if not even less often. And back when Bush was in office (especially in the early years of his presidency, before his incompetence became more scary than funny) A LOT of people were making fun of him. Check out any webcomic or comic strip published during the first few years of the millennium, and if it discusses politics at all, chances are it made fun of Bush a few times. Probably even more often than Ozy and Millie did.

    • I think its sort of like the line from Twain that “I belong to no organized political party. I am a democrat.”. She’s mocking liberals, but at the same time showing support for if not them then at least their ideas.

  2. You… seriously don’t remember how friendly much of the news was of Bush for a while post-9/11? About the time this was originally uploaded, the news largely just cheerled the War in Afghanistan and uncritically regurgitated the claims of WMDs in Iraq, and prior to this had devoted almost no scrutiny to the terrifying Patriot Act. It wouldn’t be for at least another year or two (following Iraq turning into a quagmire and the Abu Ghraib scandal) that the media started to be really critical of Bush again rather than just treating a major terrorist attack as a rubber stamp for the president and government to do whatever they wanted.

    • P.S: They were also fairly friendly to him during the campaign because Gore was boring and icky, and Bush was fun and friendly and people liked him, treating him with far more seriousness and far less criticism than his qualifications and campaign tended to legitimately warrant.

      Huh… that sounds really familiar, for some reason. I wonder why?

      • No, the news media was never friendly to any Republicans that I recall. But I definitely remember how they fawned over Clinton and Obama.

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