10 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Further adventures in musical integrity

  1. I don’t relate to that song either, probably because the song is just so shallow, theres nothing to relate to.

  2. if someone can relate to most of the learning-to-play pieces of music in the books, and anything played by their childhood jack-in-the-box, worry about them…

    • There is a saxophone in C — I own one! Called C-Melody, one tone higher than a tenor. But Millie’s hands are probably too small for it yet.

  3. Considering all of the characters are animorphic, I’m betting there’s a weasel kid at that school who objects to this song.

  4. “So it doesn’t matter if the black keys are missing, if the spaniels breed or don’t breed….. it’s all one and come Christmas because everything can be played in the key of C if you only get used to looking at the world that way….” – Henry Miller

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