5 comments for “Ozy And Millie

  1. First I thought “Where did they get cootie shots, aren’t cooties completely made up?” Then I noticed that the syringe was just Ozy’s finger.

    • It’s a nice dash of not-really-irony that Millie doesn’t believe she can get cooties from Ozy, just Avery because he is just that annoying.

      • Also, I’m pretty sure a normal cootie shot every once in a while will protect against normal contact, but a kiss is going to take a lot more.

    • Maybe the school is actually being sane and sensible for a change. (Stranger things have happened, albeit not many.) Avery’s behavior was certainly inappropriate and he needs to understand that. But he’s just a kid, not some predator who should be criminally charged and end up on a sex offender registry or something.

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