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  1. “It was another day of heavy, grey overcast across the old city by the sea. Caulk Jones got out of bed, trotted to the window, and looked out over the sea walls. Everything looked in place, but one could never tell from a distance. If the maintenance crews had missed even the tiniest crack by the time the storms arrived… but there was no point worrying about it on her time off, she had quite enough of that on the job.”

  2. Every single time I’ve hit this intro I’ve mis-read it as “chalk”. Yes, I’m mildly dyslexic (which I find very easy to spell correctly) and it’s something in my brain, because I make the same letter mistakes in handwriting (remember that?) and on a keyboard (and I very nearly touch type). This is the sole instance of that particular confusion. Perhaps I’m only remembering previous confusions —

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