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    • I don’t think it’s as much changing Jeremy’s personality as much as bringing repressed parts of it to the fore. All of his bullying is nothing more than being angry at others for things he can’t admit are a part of himself. He would be much happier if he could just accept it…

      • Actually, his bullying is a result of his extreme stupidity. Why do people insist on overanalyzing such an obviously simple charachter.

        • Because there are hints that that isn’t the case. (this comic, for example) The only truly simple character in Dana’s strip seems to be principal Vine. Besides, over analyzing is fun.

        • I might be speaking *a little* from own experience here;
          sometimes people pretend to be different from what they are in order to fit in more easily. It’s easy to overcompensate a little (or a whole lot). Maybe that’s the case with Jeremy

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