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  1. Don’t know about you but I have been, recently, getting some very consistant, psychic abilities, incorporated within my guessworks… I wonder why?

    • When I was in sixth grade, our class had a competition called Battle of the Books. We had to read up to six books (they were relatively short) for the competition, and those who did got prizes. Four people did the first round. Our teacher brought out a bag and had them reach in.
      The first guy reached in and pulled out a large Hershey bar. So did the second. And the third. The fourth person came up to the bag, and someone at my table said, “Yeah, and it’s like he reaches in and pulls out a giant KitKat bar.”
      The fourth guy reached in- and pulled out a giant KitKat bar.

      Two years later, in math class (with the same girl in the classroom) our door kept rattling. We thought it was just the people on the next floor moving around, because that happens a lot. It continued for several minutes, after the projector had stopped bouncing. People started making jokes about how the classroom was haunted, or how someone was trying to get in. People went up to check, and no one was there.
      A few minutes later, the door was still rattling, and one of the class clowns asked, “Can we let him in?” The teacher said, “All right. Let him in.” The student started to get up- and then the door clicked and a student walked in, saying, “Sorry I’m late-” it was a full three minutes before anyone was able to explain to her why we were laughing.

      • Everyone has a chance to perform ESP. Some people can control it more than the whole population. But the fact remains that ESP is real and that everyone has its abilities.

  2. Even more surprising, we now know that Ozy’s pajamas include pants. Usually the covers prevent you from telling.

  3. And I’m wondering how/why Ozy’s pajama jacket already had slits for the nacent wings? As well as how they grew — memories of Lummox growing out her arms and hands (Heinlein, “The Star Beast”)!

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