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    • Did they have whipped cream back in the days of Queen Elizabeth I? It would have been possible for cooks to get thick enough cream and beating by hand works (eventually), I just don’t know whether anyone had thought of doing so.

      • Somewhat surprisingly, yes, it did. Assuming Wikipedia is correct, one of the first whipped cream recipes was written in 1549, and Queen Elizabeth I was crowned in 1559, so it was definitely around in some form during her time as Queen.

      • Whipping cream by hand is easy enough, so much so that I rarely bother to take the mixer out and wash it afterwards. Just make sure the cream contains at least 3% fat and is cold.

          • But I bet that you use a machine of some sort — eggbeater or whisk — rather than a fork. I doubt that the Elizabethans had eggbeaters but a whisk needn’t be made of metal; it’ll just need frequent replacing if not. But a whisk isn’t as efficient as an eggbeater. Well, but we do call it “whipped” cream! and a whisk looks like a miniature stiff cat o’ nine tails.

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