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      • Ryoga’s most notable characteristic is that, like his parents (and even his entire family),[1] he has no sense of direction whatsoever. He is unable to go the right way, often sticking to the letter of any directions given to him, regardless of whether the path eventually turns.[2] He has an inability to understand even the simplest of directions or draw any legible maps,[3] once running the wrong way at the start of a three-legged race[4][5] or getting lost in Shampoo’s house for hours; looking for the exit.[6][7] He cannot even follow someone pointing in the correct direction.

        In the anime this condition is worsened by Ryoga’s ability to traverse obscene distances in surprisingly little time on foot. This, combined with Ryoga’s complete lack of direction, results in him having essentially no idea where he is at any given time, which allows him to miss his destinations by insane margins.[8]

        • I have more than once described Ryoga as “the only person who could get lost on the Yellow Brick Road” lol

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