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  1. This was my high school. About half the kids were graduating with a grade school level reading ability, yet the football team had new gear and personalized jerseys.

    • The problem is that schools have to focus more on securing funding than on putting it to valuable use.

  2. I knew it! Why on earth do sports get so much attention while Drama and Music, heck, even Education itself suffer?

    • That might well be changing. Even before Colin Kaepernick’s boorish actions introduced politics into professional sports, there were plenty of other sports figures who were found to do lots of bad things, and audience interest in professional sports has since declined.

      • I see nothing “boorish” about Kaepernick’s behavior, and it certainly didn’t “introduce” politics into sports. If anything, you should blame the flag-wavers for politicizing sports. People managed to play ball games for decades without playing the national anthem. The practice only became common during WW II, in an effort to shore up support for a war that was a lot more popular in retrospect than it was at the time.

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