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  1. These tests are less for the students and more for the school itself. If the students are under-performing then the school isn’t doing this job. But, we can’t miss this excuse to bash a Bush program, right?

    • The final question on my 9th grade biology test in Virginia was:

      Which of these is a mammal native to Virginia?
      A. Armadillo
      B. Camel
      C. Kangaroo
      D. Squirrel

      If students can’t answer this, it has nothing to do with the school or the teacher not doing their job. There are better forms of evaluation than standardized testing, and penalizing schools that are already struggling will fix nothing.

      Also, complaining about anti-Bush comics over ten years after they’ve been written isn’t going to change anything either. You can always stop reading the comic if you don’t like it.

      • @ Lastar,
        But laughing at old examples of Bush Derangement Syndrome is a pastime that never grows old! 😀

        That said, are you *really* arguing that teachers are nothing more than bystanders in the learning process and should not be considered responsible for bad results? o_O

      • The final question to my biology midterm test (not standardized) was “What is the name of the red-nosed reindeer?”
        Apparently one kid who had recently immigrated from a less Christmas oriented country missed it.

      • That didn’t seem like an “anti-Bush complaint” comment…it was just a comment about standardized tests

    • I’ve had plenty of terrible teachers whose classes performed well on these standardized tests, because they simply drilled the facts they knew from experience would be on them over and over and over, in place of attempting to actual teach us. In addition, the tests themselves are often quite terrible and I’ve had great teachers who themselves could not make heads or tails of some of the questions. While I don’t follow politics (and was not old enough at the time) to know whether Bush is/was responsible for the plethora of militant tests we slush through every year, standardized tests are poor measures of a student or teacher’s competency, and in my opinion a lazy attempt to try and equalize the schooling system. There is no “cure all” for public education, or indeed any widespread issue.

      • I frankly think the only statistic we really need to see is the one on how well students in countries with working education systems do on our standardized tests compare with how we do. If people can overcome the unfair advantage of teaching to the test just by a superior system that doesn’t obsess over such tests, we should be stealing their ideas like Edison.

  2. Vine could have handled that better.

    “What do we need funding for? Are you kidding? Look at this Current Events textbook, Roosevelt’s on the cover!”

    “That’s not so….”


    “Okay, yeah, that’s bad…”

  3. The sad thing is, Principal Vines logic isn’t completely flawed. He’s basically investing is money in the same way over and over again, hoping that eventually the money he keeps for himself will stockpile.

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