Ozy And Millie: No test left behind

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  13 comments for “Ozy And Millie: No test left behind

  1. Some of the tests are more for the teachers than the students. If a teacher hasn’t taught something well enough, it will show up on the tests.

    • I always thought that was a stupid way to judge a teacher. If the kids just won’t listen and refuse to do work, there’s not much a teacher can do. It’s like if a doctor had a patient who refused treatment, and then the patient’s condition worsened. You wouldn’t blame the doctor. It was the patient who refused treatment. It should be the same way with teachers.

    • I always hated those tests. The schools make such a big deal about them. However, for the other tests, they do not. Kinda makes you think… Side note. Today I will probably be testing XD

  2. No Child Left Behind Logic: Take Money AWAY from Under-Preforming Schools; makes sense to me!

  3. Hey look, another “Dana hates Bush comic!” I was getting worried, we hadn’t seen one for a few weeks.

    • “Weeks”?

      If you look at the times when they were published, she made fun of Bush barely a few times a year. I think there was at least a six-month gap between the previous Bush joke and this one.

  4. Standardized tests really aren’t a great idea. I sort of see the idea behind them but not all children are the same.

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