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  1. the second amendment is still useful today. as Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II once said. “I would never invade the united states, There would be a gun behind every blade of grass”

  2. re: J Legrand

    true. They also make the difference when a group gets the idea to riot recreationally. In the LA riots, the looters ended up looting their own neighborhoods. When they tried to move into a group of korean businesses, the koreans had rifles and scared them off. Compare that to the riots in Paris, the UK, and now scandinavia. The rioters can do whatever they want and the police let them.

      • Did you know that Swiss Citizens are required to join the Military at 19 years of Age, but when their Tour of Duty(usually within their own borders thanks to Fierce(Ironic) Neutrality) is done, they get to keep their Guns! Also, no such thing as Gun Registration there.

          • RIiight. Most of the private gun owners I know spend more time and ammo on practice than your average soldier or LEO.

        • That compulsory National Service means that, unlike the USA, all adult Swiss citizens will have been trained to use their rifles properly. And will be expected to maintain that currency because they remain on the reserve lists once demobbed, if I remember correctly. Separate gun registration is redundant, as they’re already registered as citizens.

          • No. You leave the reserves at 34 if you are enlisted, or an NCO, up to 50 if you are a staff officer.

            Of course, since Switzerland would probably only use it’s army if it was invaded, I wouldn’t be surprised if the nonagenarians pitch in as well.

  3. Let Avery try to CARRY an adult-sized bazooka! I believe children aren’t typically introduced to firearms until seven or eight (and I mean in summer camps where they teach riflery, or people living in rural areas where hunting for food is common).

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