6 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Imaginary holdup

  1. Millie doesn’t mind that you were licking it already, what’s a little germs between friends. Besides, some would suggest that is indirectly kissing.

  2. I imagine, then, that it is a bad idea to have a molecular disassembler embedded in your finger. Especially with the business end still behind the skin.

  3. I found some old fan art that Dana gave her seal of approval, and so therefore, I regard it as semi-canon. The point is, if you’re interested in colors, he semi-connonical color schemes of Ozy and Millie’s swimwear is dark purple for Millie’s swimsuit, and light blue for Ozy’s trunks.

  4. Does it bother anyone else that he doesn’t wear pants normally, but then he puts them on to swim? I know that cartoons and comics do this all the time, and that it’s more or less considered normal, but it still drives me crazy all the time!

    • I think he wears the swimsuit because wet fur could possibly reveal his bits. Being caught in the rain he can deal with but swimming…why risk it? That’s my possibly overthought theory

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