10 comments for “Ozy And Millie: The dragon abides

  1. Wait a second… Isolde’s hair… Is that a wig? Will /she/ suffer from the annual baldness curse?

      • It’s often used to indicate intended italics and hence emphasis, for comment systems that don’t allow in-string formatting or have format boxes. Similarly, _underscores_ can denote underlining or *asterisks* bold.
        This comment system does allow html tag formatting, but not everybody knows the shortcuts or wants to risk them without an ‘edit’ function. They do tend to clutter things up if they get posted as text rather than being interpreted as intended, and are a fiddle to remember to close.

    • shes a distant enough relative not to be descended from Perceval.(she’s descended from a sibling of him, by my calculations)

  2. Observe? I invented that word in 1596! How DARE you undermine my very sparkly authority! UNICORN!!!!!

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