8 comments for “Ozy And Millie: All the glorious trappings

  1. This sort of thing is precisely why I have no intention of seizing authority. The obligations that often accompany power are beyond my ability to cope with.

  2. Locke, Millie, AND Llewellen are all left-pawed?
    I’M left-pawed!
    *takes over world with vulpine assistance*
    Olé, as it were… heh-heh-heh-heh….

  3. *is a vulpine, helps others take over world* OK, now ya really think you can run it better? Glorious trappings aren’t so fun now, hmmm? Better to have someone else bog down in detail. Let others pull the strings… then you pull theirs. *sits down to pet white kitty*

  4. I was right! Llewellyn *does* have a septic tank! And a well, to support the moat. All that is missing is the information re solar panels —

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