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  1. Door to door converters? I heard of people going door to door looking for new members for their church but they usually target people who are already religious.

    • Once a door-to-door converter came to my mom. However, she got interested in a chair on her porch and left without trying to convert her.

  2. I recently had some ‘religionists’ knock on my door. I let them know, being an atheist, that I wasn’t interested. Then, much to my surprise, we spent the next few minutes having a pleasant, civilized discussion on theology. Neither side convinced the other to convert, but it showed me that even though people may disagree, they don’t have to be rude.

    • I think everyone should have the chance to have civilized discussions about controversial topics. The problem is that both sides too often end up represented by the extremist minority who refuse to be civil with those with whom they disagree.

  3. JW used to come to my door. I am a RC. We went back and forth, them not convincing me (Of course). They brought more people, then the elders. Finally they left the last time (I think muttering something about pearls and swine).

    • As far as people who are pushy about their religion go, those people seem like some of the less persistant ones.

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