23 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Not much of a strategist

  1. So you, as the reader, have not seen many comments lately? Yes you – the one reading this. A way might be to contribute and speak your mind yourself! I don’t own this site but I love these sometimes hilarious and true comics that I want to see what everyone else has to say. I sometimes wonder how I have not seen this before – i found this in relatively weird circumstances that is too big a tale to tell. Let your eyes proceed to the comic, and your cursor proceed to click on it.

    • Funny timing- I made my very first comment a few strips back. I might not be an active commenter; I’m so used to not sharing my thoughts that I might forget. I didn’t realize until recently how easy it was to comment. I assumed that you needed some sort of account to comment, and was surprised to learn otherwise.

    • I’m 21, as I’ve said in some other comments, and I too just recently stumbled upon this delight of a comic. I found it via Dominic-Deegan.com which is an absolutely astounding web comic by a fellow named Mookie. His comic is actually ending in a few weeks at exactly 3000 total comics and I highly suggest to any comic reader to read it. Wonderful characters that will stay with you forever. I love Luna Travoria 🙂

    • Found the comic via a suggestion some random guy made in the Comics Curmudgeon forums. Just listed his favorite internet comics and this was on the list. Having a ball reading through them, though sometimes the politics get to me.

    • Every now and then I will comment, unless I’m distracted or the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and my brain feels like mush. If you’ve read my comments and seen the dates of the comments then you’ll know it sometimes takes me a while before I have something to say.

    • I found this comic while reading the strip on go-comics (which I found from pheobe and her unicorn). I took an instant liking. This is only my second comment.

      • I found it through go comics myself when their Ozy & Millie was not updated in a timely manner.

  2. I’d like to talk about this strip now.
    If you don’t really want to play chess, do a fools mate.

    • presumably, yeah- I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t a Fool’s Mate (two move checkmate. Yes, it is physically possible, albeit all but never occurs in practice.If you ever DO lose in a fool’s mate when not an absolute beginner, you WILL likely get laughed at.) surprisingly enough, the Scholar’s Mate is not as rare as you would expect, regardless of level.

  3. I found it via a comment on “Heavenly Nostrils” (now out in the real world as “Phoebe and Her Unicorn”), also by Dana, and I found “HN” virtually at its beginning because it sat next to one of the other comics I catch up on periodically and its intriguing name piqued me to take a look! Now I’m hooked on that strip too. — By and large, though, I don’t comment unless I really have something to contribute.

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