14 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Witchcraft!

  1. i find religion to be something one can’t look at in extremes….but i can’t help but giggle at the thought of a holy American empire…Xp

    • Well, you may not be able to look at religion as a whole in extremes… but there IS such a thing as an Extremist.

      We’ve had more than a few in office, fyi.

  2. Yeah, there are a lot of valid points I would like to make to creationists. The problem is, most of them would offend them in a way that I just don’t have the heart to do. So there are some ways that not being a jerk is actually holding me back.

    • Really? I’ve always wanted to find an obnoxious Christian literalist so that I can quote Mark 16:18 and then tell them I’ll convert if they can drink a glass of ricin without ill effect.

    • @Mazenec the Mongoose: actually that’s not true, uncomfortable certainly but never lethal. One of the misconceptions is that the tar is the kind used in making asphalt which can easily reach 300°F, traditionally it is/was pine tar which is/was no more than 140°F. The punishment was almost always more about humiliation rather than outright violence.

  3. I’m Christian and we watch Harry Potter in Sunday school. There is nothing wrong with a little magic, my somewhat creepy squirrel friend.

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