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  1. I find this final comment very amusing. When I saw the “The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe” movie in 2005, I had a rather surreal experience of walking out of the movie and overhearing the comment “Well! One can clearly see the Pagan influence in that!” I think I actually froze in place, struck dumb.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a Neo-pagan who said that! ^o^

      That said, whoever did say it wouldn’t be entirely wrong inasmuch as C.S. Lewis did draw freely on Greek Mythology. Fauns, for example, are not exactly the sort of creatures one would meet in the Mundane world. 😛

  2. Funny since there are talking animals in the Bible. At near the beginning and the eagle that shouts a warning in Revelations.

  3. I love how this salesperson at a Christian homeschool bookstore is a “nag”. Brings back memories from my own childhood.

  4. And nobody bothered to point out the clerk’s hypocrisy in the last panel. I really thought SOMEBODY besides me would, but alas…

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