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  1. Actually they knew of the curvature, watching ships come and go could see them rise or descent. But for them it was a hemisphere where they would still fall off a side if they go to far. There is a real Flat Earth Society.

    • Yes, contrary to popular believe, ancient people did know that the world was round. The first recorded time someone tried to figure out the circumference of the earth was 56 BC. (yes, BC.)Western thought had no one who thought the world was flat until the birth of the “Flat Earth Society” in the 1880’s

      • Actually thank to a “little” event called The Dark Ages, a lot of knowledge from ancient times was lost and people really did believe for a time that the world was flat.

      • Yep, they not only knew the earth was round, they had an impressively accurate idea of how big it was.

  2. and most educated people who thought Columbus was doing something dangerous knew the circumference of the Earth and realized that India wouldn’t be reachable before supplies ran dry (and had there not been a continent in between would have been right, his people were getting very worried about that soon before they hit “India”

    • Yep. His incompetence is the reason why even to this day Native Americans are sometimes called “Indians”

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