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    • I can only assume it sounds as it sound in my head very regal and refined even quite elegant

      • I mean more like, is it like Sean Connery, or Patrick Stewart? I guess what I would wonder is who would be doing Llewellyn’s voice in Ozy & Millie the motion picture

    • I can “hear” Llewellyn’s voice in when I read these strips, but I can’t describe it because it isn’t associated with any actor I know.

    • Not knowing leaves you free to interpret for yourself.

      As an example, in my mind he sounds authoritative, wise, and powerful, with just a hint of observational snark… rather similar to John Tui as SPD’s Commander Cruger.

      Now, I know that can’t be RIGHT, because that show debuted almost seven years after this strip did, but it works for my purposes. 🙂

  1. Id have to go with an early Sean Connery .. If i do recall he did a voice over for a dragon before …DragonHeart – ( yes I just looked it up) 😀 So Id say he has experience with a dragons demeanor !!

  2. Regarding the piece of gum, I’m assuming that there is no gum. Telling Ozy that there was was a test to see how quickly he could unlearn something. I don’t think any father would willingly let gum get stuck in his sons fur.

  3. Dad (college professor) taught,as the “for poets” (as they used to put it) gen ed option, “The History of Chemistry”. Ended up at that college due to illness (had to live at home) and taking it. Like every other History major for their gen-ed requirement. So many could’t get that the first people guessed (the 4 element theories) and you had to move on to the next idea, which was based more and more on evidence until you ended up with provable, replicable fact… that he taught them a concept and then said it was wrong blew their minds (and it’s not like he didn’t try to explain that at the beginning… but then, I’d several years of learning about people believing and acting on odd ideas going in… European history from archeological to modern, or Chinese, will do that will do that)

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