15 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Ineffective sarcasm

    • Sadly, we live in an era in which fools have ready access to computers, and will express blatantly misinformed, uninformed, or offensive views, prompting replies. At least I haven’t seen any on this site.

      • You haven’t gone far back enough in the archives, then. There’s some guy who wrote a novella about how this comic wasn’t dark enough for him.

    • I frankly think that it is everyone’s civic duty to at least ensure that the explanation of their opinions is available, but that isn’t the same as trying to get someone who disagrees out of willful stupidity to admit it.

    • The words of a wise man.
      Throw sarcasm back to the sarcastic person, and they are confused.
      Though, now if THEY reply anything at all, you’re both confused…
      (does double-sarcasm cancel out?)

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