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  1. I never cared much for the Practice of Homechooling due to Religious Fundamentalist using it as a means to Indoctrnate their Children & abuse them with bogus information; not to mention the fact that the Human Creature, as far as I know from my studies, is a Socal Animal.

      • My Native Language places a lot of Importance on the use of Emphasis, & I replicate that in my use of Capitalization, it’s sort of like putting my Accent in Print.

  2. That whole idea of “Religious fundamentalism” homeschooling flies in the face of actual research; in actuality statistically homeschoolers tend to be well-adjusted and at least as successful as their public school counterparts, if not more so. And, of course, you don’t need to deal with bullies or unfair teachers.

    • I think the association with fundamentalism is because the noisiest advocates for home-schooling tend to be doing it for religious reasons. A lot of the biggest home schooling organizations are associated with the Christian Patriarchy movement.

    • Agreed. Suffice to say that I know a good many homeschoolers, all of whom are very well-adjusted and, in the case of the ones who’ve gone to college, have been straight-A students at least one year and gotten good grades overall. I think that the first part is due to better socializing environments (in school, you don’t get to spend a lot of time with your friends and you get bullied, but homeschoolers usually go out of their way to make friends through other events, allowing them to spend longer at once and letting them avoid bullying) and the second part is due to a more personalized education that’s more geared directly at them rather then at the “average” kid.

    • The big thing is that anything can be done wrong. Of course, if the parents have the time for it, it can work better because the American public education system is so broken its students can’t even do very well on the standardized tests it places way too much importance on.

  3. Sometimes I threaten my daughter with being home schooled, but I never would submit myself to that kind of abuse (to me, not her).

  4. Nowadays home schooling is a lot better than having kids exposed to Marxist ideoligy, CRT and LBGTQ+ grooming.

    • Actually, most teachers are not leftists, even in college.

      One actual leftist Irish professor who taught mass communications talked about stereotypes, and said that for over 100 years, Irish were depicted a happy go lucky drunks. Then he said then there was the case of Irish people killing each other, referring to Northern Ireland.

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