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  1. Time separates the drek from the good stuff. All we listen to now from the 80s and earlier is the highlights, of *course* it sounds like a golden era.

    • So exactly this! It drives me right up a wall when I hear people whining about how terrible music is today, and how great it was back in (decade of choice). As far as I’m concerned, the real golden age is today. (Or maybe tomorrow.) There’s plenty of good music being made right now. There’s also plenty of crap, but with things such as YouTube and internet radio available, it’s never been easier to find stuff you actually like. And that includes music from all over the world, stuff I never would have heard of back in the day. Plus, we still have the best of the old stuff around. If you can’t find some good music, you’re just not looking very hard.

      • When I went to college in the 1980’s, I drew a cartoon where a penguin character is irritated by a neighbor who keeps playing loud heavy metal music. He sings Boy George’s “Miss Me Blind” to the neighbor, who cannot tolerate it and dies.

  2. “These are the good old days.” ‘Twas ever thus. But when they start playing rap music as easy listening in the grocery store, it’ll be time for me to go.

  3. Or sing “Mares eat oats and does eat oats / And little lambs eat ivy. ”
    Still doesn’t make much sense to me…

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