7 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Horrifyingly boring dream

  1. I once had a dream in which I walked along a roadside for four days and nights. It was kind of pretty, but it was so interminable that I became convinced I was dead, a conviction not at all undermined by the fact that I had walked for a long, long time without growing thirsty, hungry, or tired.

    Eventually, a car pulled up alongside me. The window rolled down and an old lady leaned out. She shouted, “Y’ain’t dead!”

    I said, “Oh! Thanks.” At that point, I woke up, thoroughly bored and somewhat shaken. If a dream could last that long, how could I know I wasn’t dreaming while apparently going on with my daily life?

    • thats a really weird dream…
      i had a dream where in a strange world for 5 days
      i had no idea where it came from but everything made little sense heck even physics was wrong there…
      and when i woke up i was tired as hell and i was processing everything
      i wonder how fast the dream could go if it was on normal speed since it was 5 days of dream in just 9 hours

  2. Worst dream I ever had; I dreamt of a day at work. When I woke up, realized it was a dream and would actually have to go to work ‘again’, I wanted to scream!

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