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  1. Actually in our govt documents there is no “right to secede.” The last time it was tried was the first Civil War. (I’m expecting another one or more very soon.)

    • Is it Texas? OH PLEASE SAY IT’S TEXAS! If they try, I’m not stopping them.

      You want a nation based entirely on minimal, ineffective governance, unregulated corporations doing as they please, and a rigid adherence to certain out of context quotes from a book written millenia ago by a bunch of sheep herders and mistranslated over and over again like an international game of ‘Telephone’? Be my guest. We won’t stop you. We’ll just stand around and make bets on how long it takes for your “Perfect America” to collapse on itself.

      • Have you ever noticed that it is usually the radical loudmouths that get heard the loudest? I assure you I and many of my fellow Texans think that secession is an idiotic idea. It is only those who have not bothered picking up a history book and reading about what happened the first and last time Texas was its own country bragging about how independent we are. Please don’t hate an entire state based on these morons.

      • As a native-born Texas who loves my state…secession is a terrible idea. And if you’re talking about the Bible, you actually can’t prove any of that. It’s accuracy throughout the years is quite well documented

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