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  1. How does acupuncture calm one down? What is an acupuncture? And does Millie shpwing her cute teeth show her evilness?

    • Wikipedia gives a reasonably accurate description here:

      “Acupuncture is a collection of procedures involving *penetration of the skin with needles* to stimulate certain points on the body.”


      However much I might like Millie having her stick needles into my skin would do little to calm me down and this would be true even if I had a high opinion of Acupuncture! 😀

  2. Ok. I honestly didn’t see that one coming. But looking back, I probably should have. XD

  3. tacks aren’t as fine as a hair, as accupunture needles are. Or sterile. If she’d had Llewellan heat the metal to red-hot the plastic would have melted and her mom would have asked about the rubbing alcohol request… He should run…

  4. I agree with Ozy. “Uh”, indeed.
    Did you know the acupuncture point for curing sinus headaches and migraines is actually on the bottom of your foot, behind the big toe? WHICH foot depends on your dominant side. Left handed? Right foot.

    • I thought Ozy was frightened of having acupuncture by using thumbtacks. And i was afraid of quills. It’s alright Ozy was afraid of it.

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