3 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The logic of the in-crowd

  1. “You are not” can be answered in other ways than “are too.” Adults deny being things (like being uncool) all the time, and the other person responds with either the reasons they are (say, in politics their voting record), eye-rolls at the person in denial and dropping it, etc. “I’m better than you(or my group/family is)” is also frowned upon among adults, though don’t tell the politicians, people on reality TV, lawyers (even though some keep that to on-duty hours), and the people doing commercials for heir car lot, tax services, etc.

    Gangs, hate groups, and similar groups don’t meet the criteria for adult conversation. Neither do some political players (media or in the legislative bodies).

    I’m going to stop my catalog of who does it because I’m getting depressed.But still, they usually find something a bit classier to respond with to the simple “no, I don’t think you’re better than me” than simply “yes I am” (even if it’s passive aggressive, or a list of further depressing options).

    Now to try to regain my faith in humanity…

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