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  1. One must admit. One shalt like to build an igloo more than do school work. General idea? Build an igloo. Teaches one much more than school can. If one as I could live in the forest, they would teaches one as I what life is all about it. If i was still in Estonia, I would run away at the opportunity or reason that strikes. KID POWER!!! Sorry immature moment…

  2. It always makes me smile, when I hear of snow days in America on the news. Traffic jams galore over what here would amount to “light snow”. We don’t have snow days, we have cold days (when it’s under -16, -18 or -21 C, depending on which grade you’re in and whether you live in the city or countryside), and even that only up to high school.

    Of course, I understand that for areas that usually don’t deal with snow and where snow tires are not mandatory in the winter, even a little can wreck havoc, especially since drivers are not familiar with driving on slippery roads. It’s still funny to think of anything below knee level in one night as “too much snow”.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, as I shovel 30cm of snow off the driveway, I hear on the news the neighboring country announcing an ecological disaster because they see snow that doesn’t melt right away. In my whole life, I’ve only witnessed school called off once.

    • Here in Edmonton, Alberta we got days off if there was a blizzard or if the temperature dropped to -30 or lower.

  3. It seems to be kind of cyclical. Back in my elementary school days, we had quite a few snow days. By the time I got to high school, they didn’t call off school for even the most brutal snow storms. Now that I’m long out of school, they seem to call off (or at least delay) school for weather I barely notice.

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