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  1. Ahh but certain versions of those words can’t be said. Some nonsense about “bad words” as if “rape, robbery, war” aren’t bad enough? No but “shit, asshole, fuck” seem to have special powers. Though the idea is crazy. Words convey information, these aren’t magic words.

  2. The extreme irony here is that Mrs. Simpson is clearly a strong Democrat, and in this day and age the liberal left is the most anti-free speech racist hate filled party, rivaling even Hitler in his early days. With the social justice warriors placing al blame for societies ills on anyone but themselves, but particularly on straight white men, then creating safe spaces where it is illegal to have a different opinion, free speech is dead, all in the name of political correctness. The madness has even advanced to the point where the democratic president refuses to acknowledge that Radical Islamist are terrorists, because he doesn’t want to chance coming across as racist. Such a pity to world we are in, I wonder if Mrs. Simpson is still a democrat considering the lunacy that has taken hold in a party that lies about its own history on its website.

    • Wow, dude, much of a chip on your shoulder?

      Straight white dudes have their own “safe space” — it’s called the rest of society. Being asked to give other people a little room now and then is hardly cause for acting like you’re about to get shoved in the ovens. Free speech is alive and well, as you’ve just demonstrated. Going from being in charge of 100% of the country to 90% does not make white men a persecuted minority.

      I also assure you political correctness is not strictly a left-wing phenomenon. The government is not even allowed to discuss the threat posed by far-right activists in the US, because the GOP censors any attempt to do so. (Meanwhile, Obama has discussed Islamic terrorism many times, he just hasn’t used the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” which conservatives seem to think have magical powers that synonyms do not.)

      • When college and university campuses are places where people restrain themselves from expressing their political and religious beliefs in order to avoid severe social opprobrium (for example, Ann Coulter was prevented from speaking at UC Berkeley because students, egged on by their professors, had promised to riot as they already had when Milo Yiannopoulos spoke), that suggests that some are ready to use violence and thuggery to suppress speech which they do not like. And anyone who believes that left-wing speakers would face similar violence is either deluding themselves, failing to pay attention, or lying.

        • It’s a bit of a false hypothetical, considering that right-wing schools are mostly private, like Bob Jones University, and can outright prohibit left-wing speakers from appearing. Hard to end up being protested for your speech if you’re prevented from speaking at all. Public universities have much more limited control.

          Right wing cancel culture exists, too. Donald Trump, Jr. was heckled off the stage recently at UCLA — but it was by *right wing* protesters who thought he wasn’t far enough to the right: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/11/11/donald-trump-jr-book-talk-ucla-derailed-by-far-right-protesters/

          You did a little slight of hand there when you slid from “social opprobrium” to “violence.” There seems to be a belief on the right that speech should not have consequences, that merely expressing disapproval of someone or choosing not to do business with them violates their free speech. That is not violence. Violence is what we saw at Charlottesville, when a right-wing protester ran down a left-wing protester with his car.

          • And how about the riots when Trump got elected President? Or during the summer of 2020 which Democratic mayors deliberately allowed? The reality is still that left wingers have committed far more violence than any right-wingers.

      • But words do have powers. Avoiding terms like “Islamism” isn’t civility but cowardice.

        The reality is that the news media keeps talking about far-right activists, but in reality they are an insignificant threat. And as for being “shoved into the ovens”, Islamist terrorists have done exactly that.

    • It is true. The idea of a speech “safe zone” isn’t very American. No one group is at fault (but Dems do seem to be huge proponents of censorship). It’s truly sad and scary

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