11 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Haunted by past embarrassments

  1. Due to my rather sleep-deprived state at the time, I once called my male best friend by my girlfriend’s name. He gave me this really weird, kind of disturbed look, and then promptly forgot about it by the next time I saw him.

    And yet, for some stupid reason, it’s haunted me ever since.

  2. The story of Gary Hart, the Democratic frontrunner in the 1988 Presidential election, was that he supposedly told reporters to track him, and then he appeared shirtless with a woman not his wife. He became a laughingstock and dropped out of the race, only to reenter it a short time later and get voted down badly and drop out again. Ther New Yorker magazine reported that when Hart went to the Democratic convention later that year, he was made to feel unwelcome and left it early. The biggest political embarrassment in recent history.

    My late mother, when she saw Hart interviewed on television, said that the way he answered questions, she decided that she would not want him as her President.

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