14 comments for “Ozy And Millie

    • This isn’t the first time she used the word lugubrious, she’s just been itching for the chance to use it again.

        • Technically, it could work here… Assuming a Zimbabwéan cheese wheel fell off the truck and crushed her snack, and she went into a Shakespeare-esqe tirade about it to an armour-plated passer-by, whose name eluded her. Which, with Millie, is a distinct possibility… Making others think their lives were written by Voynich is just one of Millie’s many lovely skills.

  1. Can “The world is a cupcake with frosting oceans and sprinkle trees” a catchphrase?

  2. Where did Millie’s fangs go? (Yes, of course I know about artist’s license, but I personally would have preferred a side view of the real thing.)

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