12 comments for “Ozy And Millie: The flaw that makes the masterpiece

  1. Ah, l’amour. What a beautiful thing.
    Hey, is that Orv in the back of the panel where Llewellyn’s ordering?

        • There’s something an optical illusion where something small looks huge because it’s so close to the viewer.

          • But the seagull is *behind* the table to our left, so he’s further away from us than the dining couple. That bird is very large!

          • Perspective-wise you could see the bird in either front or back as the angle is a bit crooked and there are no clear cues. The candle however reveals the seagull’s size as the candleholder is a bit smaller than on Mililani’s and Llew’s table. The food focused seagull from the beach would also be smaller. I don’t know why I think Orv would be bigger though, but I vote for Orv also. It would also make a lovely story. <3 My SO draws me on their comics as a fox now and then.

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