9 comments for “Ozy And Millie

  1. If People were pelting Bill gates with dead stuff, would Stephan try to stop them, or demand to be a part of it? I’m not nerdy enough to have my own opinion on this.

    • To be a proper stereotypical tech nerd, you need to have some open-source OS of choice that you generally treat like a religion. And I mean the way that fanatics treat their religion. They know they can’t get away with it, but fictional nerds wish that they could burn Windows users at the stake.

    • Stephan has repeatedly expressed his hatred for Windoze, so I’m pretty sure he’d want to get in on the pelting.

  2. Un-zen spotted, cap’n! Do we ready the zen bombs by not doing so?
    No, no. I want t’ see this…
    Olé, as it were!
    AHHHH, SHUDDUP!!! *whak*

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