Ozy And Millie: Dragon soup

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase.

Notes: The original is black-and-white — color was added digitally after scanning.

  13 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Dragon soup

  1. “Doesn’t make it not stupid” can mean, eliminating abbrieviations, “Does not make it not stupid.” Should I say it should be different? Maybe if “Doesn’t make it smart.” For all my expertise in the English language, I’m actually also half Estonian; and speak Russian for my other genetic half being from such an origin.

    • Were it not words spoken by a character, you’d be correct. However, quotes may violate strict grammar rules; the character may indeed have spoken thus, and accurate portrayal of the character’s words is considered more relevant than correct grammar.

      Now the question becomes “Wouldn’t Ozy typically have used correct grammar instead of a double-negative?” And that can only be answered by Ms. Simpson.

    • Actually, if one parses that sentence it is grammatical — “because X doesn’t make it Y”, where Y = “not stupid”. Any re-wording of that sentence to avoid that apparent double negative lessens its impact; Ozy knows exactly what he is saying. And anyway, the “rules” of English grammar are *guidelines* not rules; usually a double negative is confusing (it isn’t, here) so best avoided. There are even times when an infinitive must be split! and years ago I had to argue very strongly with a journal editor before she gave in and let me keep a sentence referring to “the third alternative” when my work had shown that the first two alternatives were impossible.

  2. One could have said in a less ambiguous way, “Being a time honored tradition doesn’t keep it from being stupid.”

    Takes all those “nots” out of it that gives it a redundant feel.

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