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  1. If you feel this strongly, perhaps instead of using Ozy and Millie to relentlessly attack Bush and conservatives/Republicans and general, you should have made a separate comic to that effect.

    Oh, wait…

  2. Bush Derangement Syndrome is definitely one of the more amusing examples of mass hysteria in recent times. Interesting to see such early examples of it in the beginning stage juxtaposed with more recent examples within the comment section. 🙂

    • It’s been amusing watching it happen to Republicans with Obama, on a much more conspiratorial scale. I remember seeing a poll that showed a majority of Republicans weren’t sure Obama was born in the US.

      The other funny thing was, a lot of the stuff those “deranged” liberals claimed Bush was doing turned out to be true.

      • The scary thing is watching Obama take that ball Bush passed and running with it. And the American public still think there two parties!

    • Now THAT’S scary. Here’s a worse one. Hillary Clinton, Leader o’ the “Free” World…
      This brought to you by an Arkansawyer that’s had to put up with’er since her moronic husband was elected gov’ner… I miss the days when people asked “What in God’s name is a Clinton, some sort of car?”
      I LIKE IT!

      • STILL think Millie could win it… All we need is 4 rolls of duct tape, $3500, two refrigerators, and 300 airmail stamps… And a little navy-blue suit with a hole for a tail.

      • Even scarier to a fair number of people (both Democrats AND Republicans, if one digs deep enough), especially since it’s actually true (as of my typing this): Donald Trump, Leader of the Free World.

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