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  1. He would have been the first U.S. president to not have been born in the country. Now THAT would have been a historical oddity.

      • actually, if I remember right, the whole purpose of the ‘must have been born in the USA’ law was to prevent people who had come over from England from getting the support of the loyalists, and so winning and giving the USA back to England.

        • Nope because the law was bore a natural citizen or before it existed. all the loyalist were eligible under the before it existed clause at the time. So probably is our favorite dragon.

  2. But what if his parents had him hatched in the states for the expressed goal of allowing him to run, and transported him back to England as soon as he was out of the egg? We know that dragons do conspiracy, he could be the result of trying to breed a sentient loophole.

  3. That trail of slug slime starts at 100 E Capitol St NE, Washington, DC and leads directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, with an occasional side trip to One First Street NE. Not that I’m cynical or anything.

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